A young man revealed the shocking secret of McDonald’s fries: that’s why they taste so delicious!

Twenty-six-year-old TikToker Jordan Howlett claims to know the secrets of McDonald’s. He recently pointed out the natural beef flavor in the fries, which the American chain advertises on its online menu. Howlett then revealed that he knew why French fries from this fast food restaurant tasted different than any other. «That’s because McDonald’s makes beef-flavored fries mixed with vegetable oil,» Explained in the video. This is why these fries taste so good and why they are not a suitable choice for vegetarians or vegans.

The reason he posted this information is simple. «I thought it was information that people with different eating habits might want to know. Whether or not they contain meat, it doesn’t really change how I feel about McDonald’s fries. I still enjoy them.» added the young man. McDonald’s on its site website He explains that when his suppliers partially fry their potato chips, they use an oil blend that has the flavor of beef in it. Natural beef flavor contains hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk. Little company.

outlet eater In 2015 it was reported that the natural flavor of beef may not come from real beef at all. «A long time ago, the food industry looked at the price of beef and said, ‘If we want to put it in ramen or a sauce, we can’t extract the flavor and get rid of the beef. It’s too expensive.'» They needed to find a way to make flavors that didn’t contain meat products.» She was brought up by chemist Gary Renkius. Natural beef flavor is made from amino acids, some common sugars, citric acid, and humectants. After heating, you get a meat flavor that can be suitable for vegetarians.

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Beef flavor wasn’t always a staple of golden fries in the United States. 90 years ago, the crunchy side dish was cooked in a vat of cottonseed oil and beef tallow or fat, which gave the potatoes a decadent flavor and full of saturated fat. In 1990, the fast food chain switched to pure vegetable oil, but die-hard McDonald’s fans were craving the same delicious taste. Thus a natural scent was born to please both camps. It wasn’t until 2001 that vegetarians and Hindus, who don’t eat beef for religious reasons, sued McDonald’s for hiding meat ingredients in their French fries. After a legal drama that saw the company settle for $10 million, the restaurant added qualified beef to its ingredient list.

A young man revealed a shocking secret

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A large number of users have interacted with Howlett’s video. While some lamented the taste of the beef, others derided the vegans who have enjoyed McDonald’s fries for years. “My Hindu vegetarian parents found out and kept eating the fries – life is short, enjoy the fries.” One person noticed practically.

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